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School and Community Enrollments

Coaches and Managers—when entering players information into the on-line roster, there is a field for "school enrollment" — meaning the total enrollment of grades 10-12, at the high school which the player attends. 

For reference, we have links below for all Public and Private Schools in the State of Minnesota. Information is provided by the Minnesota Department of Education in February of each year.

2024 Public School Enrollment Report

2024 Private School Enrollment Report

2024 Enrollment Report Alphabetical Order

School and Community Enrollment Information:

For each player, teams must enter the enrollment figure shown in the reports published on this web page, which become available in March. Teams should NOT enter the player's grade level, e.g., 11, and should NOT simply guess or estimate the figure.

For a player who has graduated from HS (e.g., is in college or who is working), teams must enter the enrollment figure (as shown in the reports) of the high school from which the player graduated. 

For those players who have not yet graduated, but who are not attending a physical high school (e.g., home-schooled players),
teams must enter the figure of the HS the player would normally be attending, based on the player's legal residence.


Updated: March 13, 2024

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