Minnesota Junior Legion All-Star Classic 2021  


Our GoalTo provide greater access and opportunity for American Legion baseball players with next-level interest whether college, junior college, or even professional levels. We want to offer opportunity for legion players to display their talents in what we hope is a fun and exciting format. Over one hundred and forty college coaches are invited to this event


The PBR Junior Legion Showcase - Saturday Morning thru Noon August 7th 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

 Prep Baseball Report (PBR), will conduct drills that will demonstrate a player's performance with throwing, running, batting, pitching and catching. PBR will provide an on-line profile for each player that can be updated as the player grows and develops; and offers an on-line  portal available to coaches. Also provided is a verified stat sheet and edited player's video. American Legion players will receive a special discount. see PBR Minnesota for further details and registration which begins June 1.

The All-Star Tournament - Saturday Afternoon and Evening August 7th 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Three Teams

  • The Tournament is comprised of three teams (with 13-15 players per team) that will play a crossover format with each team playing the other two teams.

  • Essentially each team plays double header of seven innings game

Who is eligible? 

  • All registered American Legion baseball players born on or after January 1, 2004

  • Players may be rostered on any Legion team including Senior 1 & 2, Junior 1 & 2, and Division 1 & 2

  • Note: Players of teams competing in Division II State tournament the weekend of August 7th will not be considered eligible for the All-Star event and are expected to compete with their teams.

Nominating and Selecting 

  • Players are nominated by American Legion coaches from June 1st until June 25th.

  • Coaches can nominate players on other teams.
  • Our All-Star selection committee people will screen names and contact players and parents.
  • Rosters will be finalized by July 15th,

All-Star Team Coaches

We have a great lineup of team coaches:

  • Rob Fornasiere - former Assistant head Coach for the University of Minnesota. Rob has coached at all levels including the US Olympic Development Program

  • Mark "Lunch" McKenzie - former head coach at Minnetonka High School, Long time head coach at Concordia University in St. Paul MN

  • Rob Wassenaar- record setting pitcher American Legion Player, four-year Stanford University pitcher including College World Series appearances, minor league professional career, now Dean of Students at South West Christian High School

Site and Host and More Information 

  • All games are played on Red Haddox Field at Toro Stadium in Bloomington MN.

  • Our host is the Bloomington American Legion Post 550

  • A block of hotel rooms will be reserved on Friday and Saturday nights for those wishing to stay overnight. More information to follow.

  • Players will provide:

    • A digital picture to be displayed on materials, website and game day scoreboard.​

    • Their own gear such as catchers gear, bat, batting helmet, etc.

    • Prefer each player dresses in white baseball pants.

  • Jerseys, caps, and stirrups will be provided to each player.​

Watch for more details and information

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