Minnesota Junior Legion All-Star Classic 2021  


Minnesota American Legion Junior All-Star Day

PBR Legion Showcase

Junior Legion All-Star Tournament

Our GoalTo provide greater access and opportunity for American Legion baseball players with next-level interest whether college, junior college, or even professional levels. We want to offer opportunity for legion players to display their talents in what we hope is a fun and exciting format. Over one hundred and forty college coaches are invited to this event


The PBR Junior Legion Showcase - Saturday Morning thru Noon August 7th 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

 Prep Baseball Report (PBR), will conduct drills that will demonstrate a player's performance with throwing, running, batting, pitching and catching. PBR will provide an on-line profile for each player that can be updated as the player grows and develops; and offers an on-line  portal available to coaches. Also provided is a verified stat sheet and edited player's video. American Legion players will receive a special discount. see PBR Minnesota for further details and registration which begins June 1.

The All-Star Tournament - Saturday Afternoon and Evening August 7th 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Three Teams

  • The Tournament is comprised of three teams (with 13-15 players per team) that will play a crossover format with each team playing the other two teams.

  • Essentially each team plays double header of seven innings game

Who is eligible? 

  • All registered American Legion baseball players born on or after January 1, 2004

  • Players may be rostered on any Legion team including Senior 1 & 2, Junior 1 & 2, and Division 1 & 2

  • Note: Players of teams competing in Division 2 State tournaments the weekend of August 7th will not be considered eligible for the All-Star event and are expected to compete with their teams.

Nominating and Selecting 

  • Players are nominated by American Legion coaches from May 15th until June 20th.

  • Coaches can nominate players on other teams.
  • Our All-Start selection committee people will screen names and contact players and parents.
  • Rosters will be finalized by July 15th,

All-Star Team Coaches

We have a great lineup of team coaches:

  • Rob Fornasiere - former Assistant head Coach for the University of Minnesota. Rob has coached at all levels including the US Olympic Development Program

  • Mark "Lunch" McKenzie - former head coach at Minnetonka High School, Long time head coach at Concordia University in St. Paul MN

  • Mike Halloran - former American Legion Player of the Year, four-year standout catcher at the University of Minnesota. Longtime baseball coach at Eden Prairie High School and Eden Prairie American Legion. Mike has coached numerous state championship teams and has the distinction of both playing on and coach for American Legion National Championship teams.

  • Rob Wassenaar- record setting pitcher American Legion Player, four-year Stanford University pitcher including College World Series appearances, minor league professional career, now Dean of Students at South West Christian High School

Site and Host and More Information 

  • All games are played on Red Haddox Field at Toro Stadium in Bloomington MN.

  • Our host is the Bloomington American Legion Post 550

  • A block of hotel rooms will be reserved on Friday and Saturday nights for those wishing to stay overnight. More information to follow.

  • Players will provide:

    • A digital picture to be displayed on materials, website and game day scoreboard.​

    • Their own gear such as catchers gear, bat, batting helmet, etc.

    • Prefer each player dresses in white baseball pants.

  • Jerseys, caps, and stirrups will be provided to each player.​

Watch for more details and information

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